APIS training videos

Latest training session (Feb-Mar 2024)

APIS Overview

The video below covers the theory behind the APIS app.




APIS app demo

The video below explains how to use each feature of the APIS app for the UK.




Recordings of a previous training session are still available below, though they are not up-to-date anymore.

Previous training session

APIS Overview

The video below goes over the main tools of APIS and a very quick summary of air pollution science. In this video you will learn about the history of APIS, APIs stats, tools and information available in the website and the basics of air pollution.




Datasets in APIS

This video explains the datasets that go into APIS database and how they are created. You also will learn about the models that make APIS data.




Critical Loads & Levels

Here we explain the basics of critical levels and loads for the habitats of the protected sites. We show some of the impacts of too much ammonia pollution in a forest and we explain the acidity critical load function.




Source Attribution

In this video you can learn about the basics of nitrogen and sulphur source attribution data. There is also a short quiz about source attribution data at the end of the video. Can you guess the sources at the proposed sites?